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Alternate payments in Checkout API

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My app is a single, sales channel app that connects one buyer to many merchants and is currently integrated with the Admin and Checkout API. We want to implement Alternate payment methods - other than just credit cards and more specifically crypto. 

1. Is this an option within the Checkout API? Based on my discovery through the Shopify API docs, it does not appear to be but perhaps I have just not looked in the right place in the docs.
2. If no, could we use Cart Permalink as an option for ONLY those Merchants that accept alternate payments? So a mixed solution, though the preference is a native experience.


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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey @mcommonsLP 

Thanks for raising this! I've had a look at your questions below, and I'm wondering if you'd checked out the Payment Methods API. It's part of the checkout domain, and would allow all the payment providers on a store to be returned. I note it's possible to filter payment providers  so it might fit your use case - a Sales Channel App utilising the checkouts API could use it.

There's some further docs here too. Worth noting it's a closed Beta which can be requested access to, albeit it's available to stores on the Plus plan only.

As an aside, I don't see a Cart permalink that would allow for only those merchants that accept Alternative Payments for what it's worth.

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