Analytics API depreciation

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Hi Shopify team!

We integrate with the Shopify app and like many other providers, we are dealing with the challenges caused by the REST API and the data discrepancies between API response and values in the Shopify UI.

Anyway, we were very excited to learn about your Analytics API, which would solve these challenges for us and could offer thousands and our mutual users better and more stable integration.

We started preparing the Analytics API implementation project, but we noticed in the documentation that the Analytics API is deprecated. Can you please explain to us if the Analytics API is completely deprecated and if there is any alternative available?



It is very important for us and our mutual users to solve data discrepancy problems.

Thank you in advance for your reply.




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Also curious about this. We need to extract data from the Visits schema. Will this no longer be possible?

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Shopify team,


Is the Analytics API is completely deprecated and if yes, are there any alternatives available? - for exmaple, is there a way to retrieve the total sales and discounts for a month, in one API call?