Any API to transfer orders to Adobe?

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Hi everyone

We sell personalised items that are then made using adobe and various templates. We have thousands of templates and each have 2 variables fields that change each order. The templates have the image we create multiple times in one artboard


Ive been looking at API apps and a little lost on any that may transfer orders to adobe ready to print. Or as a minimum create an excel file where I can print using variable data in the Adobe suite


Does anyone have any tips or advice on how we can make this work please. 


Much appreciated  

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"Adobe" doesn't let us know the tool being used but at least does narrow down the software vendor. If you're using Adobe InDesign, take a look at the data merge feature:

I've used that for some of my PDF workflows but there's still a lot Adobe could do to make it easier to integrate third party data sources. Expect to have to do some manual work with those tools.

Out of interest, what tool from the Adobe suite are you using?


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Thank you I will check that out. 

That was left as Adobe as we do use the full suite but Id say most of it would be Illustrator

Ive built in the coding myself to capture the fields but think it may be easier to add one of the apps when we find a solution