API access to Third party : Which data can they access ?

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Hi guys, 


So we want to set up an API with a third-party store : Cycling emporium. Those guys would be dropshipping our product through their platform,which is, I believe, a pretty common thing to do. 

This vendor is reputable and works with other big brands in our field, so we aren't too worried, but we are wondering what access they will have on our backend? 

- Will they have access to our customer data? 

- Do they have access to the customer's data that goes through their website. 


We want to start working with them but we want to give them minimal access to our customer database. Can you guys help me to understand what they'll have access to once I setup my account with them? And is there any other way to do it? 


I've attached below screenshot of how they want us to setup the API. 

Thanks heaps. 


Thank you for completing the onboarding form! You will receive a reset password email shortly for your account. The next step is integrating Shopify. Would you please provide the following information to assist us:


API Key:
API Password (not Shopify Password):
Example URL:


To obtain these details please click on "Apps" on the Shopify menu and create a new private app. Add a name for the app (eg. Cycling Emporium) and add in a contact email for your integration. I have inserted some screenshots for the permission requirements for the app and storefront."
Shopify Admin Permissions.pngShopify Shopfront API permissions.png
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