API Announcements can be found in our new Developer Changelog

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We’re excited to announce our official Developer Changelog, which will serve as the source of truth for all important changes to our APIs and other developer products. This changelog should be your first stop to stay in the know as an app developer.

To help you narrow down on the specific types of changes you’d like to know about, we’ve added the ability to filter through the updates using tags. These tags cover everything from API-specific updates, to new developer previews, to deprecations, and more.

The Developer Changelog comes with some other helpful features. It highlights which changes are considered breaking and require action. A new section in the changelog allows you to track scheduled changes if you missed the original announcement. And the ability to follow the changelog’s RSS feed lets you incorporate it into your own daily workflows.   
Check out the new Developer Changelog, and sign up to get updates by email, so all the latest changes are sent right to your inbox.

Happy Coding!

Jordan (& the rest of Shopify's Apps Team)


Jordan | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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Hey Jordan,


Is the email notification supposed to be working? I've signed up multiple email addresses some time ago and haven't been getting any notifications when there's an update (unless it only sends if it's a breaking change?).



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I've signed up for email updates and haven't received a single one so far either. The feed works, but email would be better as I wouldn't want to miss breaking changes that require action.


Can anyone from Shopify look into this?

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Hi there,

during the Unite Key Note there was some Checkout Apps API metioned, I think the example was recharge. Is there any detail about how and when this will be publicly available?



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could you tell me how to install api ?

we've got api from korea post service company. 

after i addapt api, i hope to check package whrere is it... 

help me.

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@ThomasBorowski I'd recommend using feedly or a similar rss/news reader.


You can add the rss feed from shopify into feedly https://shopify.dev/changelog/feed.xml

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Is there an endpoint available for getting an enumeration of API changes in a format like JSON?

Having the human-readable summaries in plaintext (via email, Shopify documentation, and RSS feeds) is very useful. But after seeing an example of a very easy-to-parse (programmatically) changeset elsewhere, I could imagine that something similar for Shopify API changes could help developers with proactively checking (in a more automated fashion) for possible breaking changes to their apps.

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i hope that helps me soon thanks

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Do you know if API Keys expire? My website just passed its one-year mark and the API Key (that has been working all year) presents an error "There was a problem authenticating your Google Maps API Key." Is there something I can do to fix it, or do I need to pay now?

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@Jordan any idea when current connector apps will be reviewed for compliance with having "end users" agree to Shopify's t&c. 

Seems pretty unfair that only new apps submitting to the store have to comply with this requirement and not apps currently approved.