API limits coverage

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Hi everyone,

I've read the API limits section from the Shopify's documentation (link here), but it's not clear to me if those limits apply only for apps or for the overall store.

For example, I have a store with two apps installed. The first app was built by myself and uses the Shopify REST APIs that have a 2 requests/second limit. The second app is a third-party app that also uses the Shopify REST API. Also, the Shopify store (storefront and backend actions) is also interacting with the Shopify API.

Does this 2 requests/second limit apply to all REST API calls performed in behalf of my store (my app, third-party app, store) or is this a limit that is applied per source (my app, third-party app, store)? I would like to know if a situation like having both apps triggering the Shopify API in the same time with 2 requests/second (4 in total) will be considered as a Shopify API limit exceeding.

PS. I'm not talking about Shopify Plus here.