API - Orders and Customer data

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I am developing an app that gives Shopify customers benefits for shopping with our partners on Shopify. I am unsure the best approach to generating a cross-referenced list of customers enrolled with us and shopping with our partners and retrieving their order data.

Is there a way to mark Shopify users as enrolled with us (subscribed)?
- Currently I'm cross referencing an API list of customers in our database with our partners to find the customers enrolled with us, but I would prefer to be able to access the partner's customers directly from the app and their customer list, versus checking theirs against ours each time the app loads.

What is the fastest way to get the order history of a group of customers?
- I need to retrieve customer order history, just number of orders and the total value. However, I will need to do this for numerous customers. So far it seems like I have to generate the cross referenced list, and then I either need to make an API call for each of those customers to get their order history, or I need to get the partner's full order history and cross reference that again. Is there a quicker way to do this?