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API vs Plugin

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Good Afternoon!


Thanks in advance for your help.


We are going integrate shopify for a way to allow users to enhance their Shopify stores.

A little background: The goal of our development is too make it extremely simple for existing Shopify stores to install us and we won't have to be integrated from scratch and won't need any development on a store by store basis. We want to enhance how products are shown within stores so our UI/UX would be initiated from two areas

A. Globally throughout the site ie. Think something like

B. From an individual product page - to enhance the viewing of that specific product. 


Currently we are weighing the pros/cons of two different implementations.

1. Integrating the API

We understand with the API we can have login with Shopify on our application (via oauth) and sync all products and purchases etc. If we just choose an API integration, would it be possible for shop owners to add custom Javascript into their existing 

If we go down this route, we are wondering if Shopify store owners can copy paste some some javascript config to inject the front end buttons/ UI /UX  etc for both places A + B highlighted above. 

2. Building a custom a plugin  

Based on our description above, what would the general workflow be here  vs integrating the API ? 

Is there a way to track Shopify app downloads and disable our plugin on a store by store basis via some API calls ? 

Also if we plan to have a paid application via the Shopify store, how much are the transaction fees ? 


Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Whichever option we choose, we are here to make Shopify stores more awesome than they already are 🙂 


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