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App Block deep links do not work

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I am following the instructions to use a deep link to allow for easy install of my new app section, however the deep link seems to just take me to the theme editor but does not display anything about the app section or start adding it.

Are these deep links enabled? My url looks correct but all it does is link to the theme editor, when I believe it should start adding the app block.

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I'm facing the same issue. Deep linking seems to only work for embed blocks as it leads to the App Embed tab.

What about app blocks?

Hope this gets answered by someone.

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Running into the same issue. Hoping to get to the bottom of this and will share here if I have any success!

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Hoping someone at @Shopify can help here. I too am facing this issue.

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Removing "context=apps" and adjusting the link to 




works to open the theme editor with the section side panel. 
Still not working as far as adding the app block automatically. Will try playing around with the context parameter.
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There is a note here which states that "Deep linking is compatible only with app embed blocks. You can't deep link to an app block."




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I spoke with Shopify support. Currently deep link does not allow enabling app blocks. It only works for App embed.

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It does work for me (app embed). Make sure you have the correct uuid and handle as the link of @shanejearley 


To ensure you have the correct uuid, you can "shopify extension connect" or "shopify extension info" to get the uuid.