App Rejected for Unclear Privacy Reasons

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Hey, we recently submitted a public app on the app store and got rejected, but we're not sure why and what we must do to get approved. I'm asking for help, from whoever's reading!...


We're a data benchmarking company. We integrate with Shopify merchant stores, pull and crunch analytics such as "new vs. returning customers" and we show merchants how they're doing compared to the avg. 


All the data we pull is anonymized and aggregated - so we never reveal the data from any specific company. And we've made sure to follow all the data requirements on the "Requirements for public apps on Shopify" page. 


I saw that other companies are doing benchmarking in the same way as us. Conversific helps you "Compare yourself against your most direct competitors in your industry" via their benchmarking too. And LittleData helps benchmark shopify metrics such as AOV, Revenue per Customer and Add to Cart Rate. There are more. 


We got rejected because of the a generic privacy risk. But, if they found a way to make their app within compliance guidelines, i figure we can too. 


I reached out to the App Review Team and Partner Support for advice on this matter, but they turned me to this forum. Is there anyone out there who can help?

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