Appbridge resource picker keep refreshing the page in firefox.

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Hey everyone,

We are developing an App using react polaris+appbrige and backend as node.js with the express server.

Everything works perfectly in chrome but when I tried to open resource picker in firefox its keep refreshing the page without loading products.

When we commented resource picker code, our app works fine in firefox also.  We have also tried other app bridge components those also works fine in firefox.

Below is my code for the resource picker. Don't know what causes this error but it should be related with Shopify API that calls when resource picker loads data from Shopify. 



<Provider config={{ apiKey: process.env.APPKEY, shopOrigin: process.env.SHOP, forceRedirect: true }} >
            onSelection={(resources) => handleSelection(resources)}
            onCancel={() => isOpen = false}

const handleSelection = (resources) => {




Please be needful for this issue.


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This appears to be a known quirk between how Firefox handles this element and how the App Bridge is implementing things. See this -->  

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This is a known issue that we're currently investigating!

It would be helpful if you could you provide a link to your app installed on a shop, so we can reproduce the error. Please also provide instructions on how to open the resource picker in your app. You can private message me if you don't want to post this publicly.

iain-campbell | Developer @ Shopify 
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