Application Charge API - How to approve app charges during onboarding but charge final amount later?

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First time posting, long time lurker.  🙂   We are hoping to use the required Billing APIs for our app to be accepted into the app store, however we do not have a standard subscription process that allows us to use the RecurringAppCharge API. 

The use case I am trying to solve for is that we reimburse our customers for certain orders that meet a specific criteria.  Our plan is to aggregate the usage charges and deduct aforementioned reimbursements using the ApplicationCharge API for a one time charge at the end of the billing cycle.  We have our own invoicing process so that we can give more detail on the charges than Shopify billing allows.

Where I'm getting stuck is how to onboard a customer, have them agree to the Shopify Charges, but not send them those charges until the last day of their billing cycle.  Is the only way to accomplish this to have them accept a .50 charge (minimum for price in API) while onboarding (as part of the installation flow)?  We don't currently charge for the app itself but for the services our APIs offer.  Our onboarding is completely automated, so we don't really have an additional workflow to give them the opportunity to accept the charge at the end of the first billing cycle without risking they will not accept or it will expire.  

Any advice is greatly appreciated - Thanks!


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Did you manage to solve this?

I think you must have a USD 0.00 RecurringCharge and then make an UsageCharge that uses the RecurringCharge ID.