appSubscriptionCreate monthly trial bug

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I've noticed an unusual trial date duplication using appSubscriptionCreate mutation when when changing subscription from annual to 30-days.


When i create an annual charge and give user 14d trial - everything's ok, if i'll try to move user to another annual plan with the same trial - everything's still working fine.

The problem occurs only when i have annual plan with trial and changing it to 30-day subscription, if i add trial_days param with the same 14 days, for some reason it is multiplying (showing that trial will end in 28d) 

if i set trial_days to 0 - it shows that trial will end in 14 days. 

If i first purchase a 30-day subscription, and then migrate to annual - it works fine, trials are not duplicating. 


Is there a logical reason why it's happening ? If not, then maybe someone from shopify devs could look at this ? 


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