Aren't there any official Shopify Dev IRC / Slack / Discord servers or channels out there?

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Or even any unofficial, but fairly well frequented chat-rooms, would be fine with me. I haven't been able to find one.


It's kinda lame being the only Shopify dev that I know of for tens of miles, with nobody to have a real conversation with about ideas, issues, and all-around Shopify revelry; but mostly problem solving ... for whatever odd reason <whisper> no, not whatever odd reason; the documentation ... whhhoooof ...seriously, how? I wish they had modeled them after the Ruby/RoR docs; but this? Ehhh ... it's like a rabid monkey ate some LSD and caught fire ... </whisper>.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the forums ... but they're ... f-f-f-forum ... *picks it up like a dirty rag & sets it aside*

ya know?

Most people, it turns out, just aren't interested unless they have to pay for it. Go figure.
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@JonWright can you please invite me to the Shopify Slack community. I'd really appreciate that.