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Back office system integration and credit card

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I'm looking integrate Shopify with our back office system.   I would like to have the customer credit card authorized (hold) on Shopify and then pass the order to my back office system to process the order and complete the charge.    We are using  

Does anyone know if this is possible with Shopify API? 

Thank you. 


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Hi Stephen,

Yes this is possible.

First you would set up the store to manual capture of credit card payments.

Then set up a private App that is responsible for the communications with your back office system. To listen to new orders you can use a webhook. Once the back office system has processed the order you can go ahead and capture the transaction.

HTH, Gavin.
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Hi Gavin,

I'm trying to use the API to capture the transaction by setting up a webhook in Zapier, using the capture the transaction instructions. 

Unfortunately whilst the post claims to be successful the transaction status is not being updated in Shopify.

I've attached a screenshot of the post to show what is being sent. I have blacked out our token, the order ID and parts of the store name for security.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!