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Best datacenter location for Carrier Services API

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I'm currently having some issues with my cloud provider (openshift), in that there is transient network outages (connection timeouts and proxies returning 503). Basically issues have appeared out of nowhere, and restarts / redeploy did not help. I cannot affort to wait for a fix, it seems this is out of my control. But I have an option to upgrade the cluster, which is currently located in the US.

So the question is, in order to service carrier services (live rates) for the north-european market, what would be the ideal datacenter location? As in closest to the Shopify servers which serve that geographical area, basically.

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I have utilized both Azure and AWS for a good portion of my cloud-based workloads. After 4+ years of operation I can recall maybe 3 impactful events that were true outages. I'm not sure that they are the best bargain in terms of service/usage charges, but in terms of straightforward deployment and management as well as reliability I've been pretty happy.