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Best way to Add tags - not replace - using API?

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I'm trying to programmatically add tags to products.

The only option I see would be using the /products/<#id>.json POST , but it seems this would replace the tags? Is that assumption correct?
Is there a better way to add tags to the existing list of tags?

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Yes, It will replace tags, and no direct option to append tags,

But we generally use this way.

  • Read current tag of product using API
  • Append new tag
  • Replace tags through API
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Hello Ashish,

i agree with you but i know shopify provide less facilities can you provide any guidline so i can append some of tags using api

ex:- my product tag : category_saree,color_black,size_xxl etc...

and i want to append product tag : Catelog_latest-product,hot_products

but 1 thing without read current tag it's possibal?


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Dear Ravipatel,


with the REST API, I think it is not possible to keep the old tags while performing a PUT request. However I noticed, that it is possible by using the GraphQL API. There is a mutation to add tags: and it kept the previous tags, when I execute it.


For example:



mutation tagsAdd {
  tagsAdd(id: "gid://shopify/Order/<your_order_id>", tags: "Test") {
    node {
    userErrors {




Greetings, Tom

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Hi @tommydev
I'm using the GraphQL API that you've  mentioned. But I'm facing the issue while adding tags in languages other than english i.e. japanese & russian. Tags in other languages are not being saved in the order. Have you faced similar issues?