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Billing app after re-installing

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Hi there!
How do you usually handle the situation when a shop Owner removes the app having a paid plan and then re-installs it after some period? Do you compensate this unused period somehow after app re-installing?
And the same question when owner moves to free plan from paid plan?

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey there,


This is entirely up to you as the app developer.


If you're storing information about previous RecurringApplicationCharges, you can have the option to continue offering "paid" features to a shop that has uninstalled and reinstalled your app, even though the RecurringApplicationCharge would be removed on uninstall. This would require you to implement the logic within your application. 


Our Billing FAQ also includes information about other options such as offering an AplicationCredit when there's a switch between plans that results in a price discrepancy.