BUG REPORT: Shopify Checkout Showing Wrong Fixed Price For Product When Using Shopify Payments

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Shopify Checkout shows the wrong fixed price for a product when using Shopify Payments straight to checkout option.


To reproduce the issue:
From a € base shop, create a Market for the UK, which uses GBP. Then create a product and use s set a fixed price for that product under that market.


When using Shopify Payments along with Shopify Markets AND set fixed prices for products per country (setting it up like so on a specific country ignores auto conversion of any kind and shows up for that only country set up in markets, that specific price.):





Then follow the instructions below:

Use the "More payment options" button that comes with Shopify Payments (DO NOT use add to cart button to then go to checkout, otherwise you will not be able to see the bug. INSTEAD use the "More payment options" option printed by Shopify Payments, which takes you directly to the checkout page):


Shopify Checkout loads the price, before the Shipping country information, (which is pre-populated using geolocation). And so, it shows up the price converted using conversion rate by default from Shopify Markets ( WHICH IS NOT WHAT IS INTENDED).




if you force the page to be refreshed, let's say you leave all fields empty and try to continue, it will then show the right price, along with a message saying: Your cart has been updated based on your shipping country.


Please see the images attached. This is a huge bug that needs to be addressed, and it is as easy as telling Shopify Checkout to read the shipping country region before showing up the prices.



- Is not the theme, we tried with default themes from Shopify, and still happens the same
- Is not a plugin issue, it happens the same without plugins

- We have been reported that sometimes (we still don't know why) the Shopify button "More payment options" does not show up for some people. We suspect is because they are using some kind of incognito mode or something).


It has been debugged and tested long enough by Shopify Support Team along with the Shopify Tech Team, and our Dev Team to be 100% sure it is a bug in the way Shopify Payments handles currencies and shipping addresses.


Kind regards

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