Building app as a fulfillment service

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I'm trying to build an app that can be selected as a fulfillment service and tracks/manages inventory levels for certain SKUs, but cannot figure out how to make that happen. (At the very least, I'd want to be able to select the service under the "Fulfillment Service" option for a product, but I can't even figure that out.) I've followed the tutorial but have no idea where to go from there. Any ideas for a beginning Shopify dev?

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You'll want to make an admin API request to create a fulfillment service object using your access token:


Once this is created, you will be able to specify this fulfillment service for inventory tracking on specific products.



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Can this be any vaguer?


In the past, I was able to update an order with tracking information with a location_id...


Now, orders don't pass location_id's (not sure why, or since when as I have been building on and off).


I read we now need to create a fulfillment service, but is this done on app installation? If so, how (I am using Ruby)...


I would assume so since we need to pass a location_id and will need the product in the order with the location_id already set to the fulfillment service we create?


Sorry if this is off-putting but using some other API's, for instance like Stripe, it's very easy to follow with explanations and examples.


So where do we start for doing this?

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Hi Joeyjoey,

Hope you are doing well)

I have similar issue with multiple fulfillment houses and got the idea to build an app.

Have you created it? I would appreciate if you share your experience.