Bulk Create Orders through API

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Is there an operation to do a bulk create for orders ?  Looks like I have to push single POST per order to be created.  Did you guys multi-thread your HTTP requests to Shopify to get around the time required? 

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Shopify Staff
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Hey there,

We currently don't have a bulk create mutation for orders, but you can definitely trying multithreading your requests to complete them all faster. You would just have to ensure that you don't surpass the API call limit which you can learn more about here - https://help.shopify.com/en/api/getting-started/api-call-limit

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Hello, this is an old post but wouldn't it be possible with  "Bulk import data with the GraphQL Admin API" -> https://shopify.dev/api/usage/bulk-operations/imports


I am working on a similar problem to avoid rate limits.


Please, could someone confirm that order bulk creation is supported?