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Hi, so I have been trying to get the daily Total Sales for our store.

I can iterate and calculate the Total Sum it with the Orders API. But in the dashboard API, there seems to be some additional Returns amount which gets deducted from the Total Sum of orders to make up the actual Total Sales. 

I have tried to retrieve the refunds with this URL


But it returns {"refunds":[ ]} for all the orders for that particular day whereas the Dashboard does seem to show a certain amount of Returns deducted from the Total Sales. 


What's the reason that I cant retrieve those refunds/returns? Or what is the reason that Returns show up in the Dashboard but doesnt show up in the API?


Is there another better approach to my use case?

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Hi @hamma11 - working with the API on your own can get tricky. You don't necessarily need to figure it all out yourself.

Your last question was "is there another better approach", to which I'd recommend that you check out the BeProfit Profit Tracker app.

You can easily view the total refunds for a given period of time that you choose with the date range filter. You can also filter by vendor, country, and so on.

Aside from just viewing that data in the app itself, you can also create custom reports and schedule them to be sent to your email address for regular updates on your refunds, or any other piece of data you're interested in reviewing on a predetermined basis of your choosing.

There's a lot more BeProfit does, but those are the main features I think you'd find to be most useful in addressing the question you asked.

If you have any questions about the app, feel free to ask me. I'm happy to to help.

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Hi @hamma11 

I'm wondering if the refunds might be attached to orders made on a previous day? Are you requesting orders created that day, or all orders updated that day, when you're looking for refunds?

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