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Can app blocks be different for each store install of an app?

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I recently submitted an app that was rejected because it did not use app blocks for displaying information on the storefront. I am not sure this is possible for the app. Documentation from Shopify is lacking, and support said they will only answer technical questions posted in the forums here.

The app generates a script file that is unique to each store, based on the user's settings. My question is, is it possible to have a javascript file that is unique to each install that is loaded as an app block? It must also be possible to update the file when settings change. Reading through the current documentation, it appears that app blocks only contain static files that do not change.

The other two options are to 1) store settings data as metafields, which would not work in this case due to the amount of data required and Shopify limiting private metafields to 10, or 2) retrieve settings externally from a database. This would add latency, introduce possible security issues, and overall be a less performant (and more expensive) method.

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