Can't change Proxy URL with Digital Downloads app

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Hi all, I've been directed here after talking with Shopify support.

My client runs a Shopify store which is connected to a WordPress website through buy buttons. The store contains the products while the WP site is the front face of her business and the point of sale.

We are using the Digital Downloads app to send downloadable product deliveries to customers. Unfortunately, the link to download the product does not work because the Proxy URL for download is pointing to the WordPress site's domain, not the Shopify store where the products are actually located.

I've tried to change the Proxy URL to point to the Shopify store but the Shopify store's URL does not appear in the dropdown list - only the WordPress site's - and there is no option to add a custom URL.

How do I change it so that the Proxy URL for downloads becomes the URL?

In case it matters, it was an alternative designer who set the system up this way and I'm now trying to fix it without full knowledge of how it was actually set up.



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