Can't complete checkout using "checkoutCompleteWithCreditCardV2" mutation

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Hi Could someone help me with this issue: when i try to complete order with credit card i receive this error 

"errors": [
            "message": "CheckoutCompleteWithCreditCardV2 access denied",
            "locations": [
                    "line": 2,
                    "column": 3
            "path": [

My mutation query variable: 

  "checkoutId": "Z2lkOi8vc2hvcGlmeS9DaGVja291dC81YzU3NDlkYzNkMmU1MzNhN2E0NDY1MDhkNDFhYTJiOD9rZXk9NmNhNjllNjZmN2VhNTg5N2ZjYmM2MjE4ZDY0ZWE1MDk=",
  "payment": {
    "paymentAmount": {
      "amount": 5,
      "currencyCode": "CAD"
    "idempotencyKey": "dc1d5fe26932707673fd5d0141dfce2869e",
    "billingAddress": {},
    "vaultId": "east-88fd040e7419ead7884bc4fee9eb90e3"

 also here is my access_scope:


i read many discussions, but i didn't found any solution for my case 
Also i see similar issue in this discussion:
But there are no answers 

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Hey @EmileHoffman 

I checked out that request for that checkout ID you supplied, it seems that the App that called this mutation does not have access to the write_checkouts_payments scope. 

To call the checkoutCompleteWithCreditCardv2 mutation you need to have the write_checkouts_payments scope for that app. There's a process for requesting it -  the scope is enabled by turning your app into a sales channel app in the partner dashboard (document... - please see the requirements for creating a sales channels section)

After that, you request payment processing - there's some docs on that here too. Hope that all helps!


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