Can't create fulfillment after accepting an order - Line items are already fulfilled

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I'm using this post command:


Error message is: Line items are already fulfilled

X-Request-ID = 950c4ce1-e77b-4609-8452-629f27729113

Any help would be appreciated.





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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi @unitedpostalgh 

Thank you for providing the request ID. Having a look in our logs, the error I am seeing is a 422 unprocessable entity. Usually this means that one or more of the fields in the request is incorrect, or the json itself is malformed. You can see an example fulfillment call in our documentation here: 



CS | API Support @ Shopify 
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Hello Csam,


Thank you for your response.

I created a fresh order and went through the flow.

1. I did an api request for the order.

2. I accepted the order

3. I tried to create a fulfillment


I used the following body which is taken from the documentation with only the location_id being changed

  "fulfillment": {
    "tracking_urls": [
I still got the following:
"Line items are already fulfilled"
X-Request-ID: 3a3a4810-1d42-4ee0-b42e-60eb5737cab3
Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?  Is there an error in the sequence of api calls.  Do you need additional information to dive deeper?  On the shop interface the order status is "In Progress" and the Fulfillment Status is "Accepted".  Attached is a screen shot.