Can't verify Webhooks in Node.js! (serverless AWS lambda)

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That exclamation point used in the title is not an accident. 


1. The official doc doesn't have an example for Node.js 


2. On this Shopify Partners' blog post, it says: 


exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {
  var client_secret = event.client_secret;
  delete event.client_secret;

  //calculate the hash
  var calculated_hash = crypto.createHmac("sha256", client_secret).update(new Buffer(event.body, "base64")).digest("base64");

  //reject the message if the hash doesn't match
  if (event["X-Shopify-Hmac-SHA256"] != calculated_hash) {
    console.log("calculated_hash: (" + calculated_hash + ") != X-Shopify-Hmac-SHA256: (" + event["X-Shopify-Hmac-SHA256"] + ")");

This post was specifically for an AWS lambda function. But when I generate the hash like this:



var calculated_hash = crypto.createHmac("sha256", client_secret).update(new Buffer(event.body, "base64")).digest("base64");

It's still different from the `X-Shopify-Hmac-Sha256` header value. 


3. I tried it with the following different ways: 

  • update(Buffer.from(event.body, "base64"))
  • update(Buffer.from(JSON.stringify(event.body), 'utf8', 'hex'))
  • update(event.body)

4. I replaced `client_secret` with the following values: 

  • "API secret key" from → Apps → App
  • "API key" from → Apps → App
  • "Access token" I got from the store when we installed the app

All the docs say it's either "client secret" or "shared secret". But I can't find any value with that exact name. Am I using the wrong secret? Or am I using a wrong method to generate the hash? 


Working remotely from Mongolia ~
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Hey SBD_  (and anyone else really)


I am running into the same issue here. I can not get my node.js 12 aws lambda to verify.


I have tried doing the manual escaping as well:


module.exports.validateHMACForWebhook = (event) => {
    const hmac =
    const topic =
    const domain =

    const body = Buffer.from(event.body, "utf8").toString();
    var bodyForVerification = body.replace('/\\/g', '\\\\');

    //let's calculate the hash of the content that webhook has sent to us
    const content_hmac_hash = crypto.createHmac("sha256", process.env.SHOPIFY_API_SECRET)
    console.log("calculated: " + content_hmac_hash + " given: " + hmac); 

     return {
        verified: content_hmac_hash === hmac,
        body: JSON.parse(body)



When I return out of this function verified is false

2021-02-01T05:09:39.258Z 80bbfa7f-58d6-4afb-baae-e948e351ed68 INFO calculated: IGg6dc2sTh3jMbAJwPKhn+EY/fV32CuZyyG3gwMN8j4= given: jtp9alrzvckasuywzpr/tvucirowrhljur192p4g1ri=


Has anyone gotten this working?

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@razzededge I saw your tutorial (thanks for putting it together!) 


I get the same problem with yours. I had chalked it up to the difference between the store's notification webhook and the app's subscribed webhook that I was using. However I just tested it with my development store's notification and had the same issue

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Well it certainly should work - but I think you have problem here:



if you're using api secret then it will not work - you need to use the webhook secret  

find it under the:

at the bottom here:

Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 18.16.15.png

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Yeah I used that value...  I am going to keep digging ...


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Okay interesting - when I create a lambda directly from aws's console and use the code it works correctly - however when I am using my serverless.yml to deploy the exact same code it is failing.

What is happening is that the lambda created directly from aw's console is getting escaped json as the body

"body": "{\"id\":\"eeafa272cebfd4b22385bc4b645e762c\",\"token\":\"eeafa272cebfd4b22385bc4b645e762c\",\"line_items\":[{\"id\":704912205188288575,\"properties\":{},\"quantity\":3,\"variant_id\":704912205188288575,\"key\":\"704912205188288575:33f11f7a1ec7d93b826de33bb54de37b\",\"discounted_price\":\"19.99\",\"discounts\":[],\"gift_card\":false,\"grams\":200,\"line_price\":\"59.97\",\"original_line_price\":\"59.97\",\"original_price\":\"19.99\",\"price\":\"19.99\",\"product_id\":788032119674292922,\"sku\":\"example-shirt-s\",\"taxable\":true,\"title\":\"Example T-Shirt - \",\"total_discount\":\"0.00\",\"vendor\":\"Acme\",\"discounted_price_set\":{\"shop_money\":{\"amount\":\"19.99\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"},\"presentment_money\":{\"amount\":\"19.99\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"}},\"line_price_set\":{\"shop_money\":{\"amount\":\"59.97\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"},\"presentment_money\":{\"amount\":\"59.97\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"}},\"original_line_price_set\":{\"shop_money\":{\"amount\":\"59.97\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"},\"presentment_money\":{\"amount\":\"59.97\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"}},\"price_set\":{\"shop_money\":{\"amount\":\"19.99\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"},\"presentment_money\":{\"amount\":\"19.99\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"}},\"total_discount_set\":{\"shop_money\":{\"amount\":\"0.0\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"},\"presentment_money\":{\"amount\":\"0.0\",\"currency_code\":\"USD\"}}}],\"note\":null,\"updated_at\":\"2021-02-02T04:49:40.193Z\",\"created_at\":\"2021-02-02T04:49:40.193Z\"}",
    "isBase64Encoded": false

where as the version using my serverless implementation based on this github: is getting base 64 encoded:

 "body": "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",
    "isBase64Encoded": true

when when run through a `Buffer.from(event.body, 'utf8')` does not produce the  escaped quotes. 


I am assuming there are other things that are not escaped as well - my hunch would be \ itself. 


Does anyone know if I have to go the full route of or can I achieve this another way? possibly through an escaping helper in node.js?

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Well it's not weird - Api Gateway is configured to digest binary transfers - thus expecting they will be Base64 Encoded - this part in serverless config is the culprit or should I say the effect something no "outof the box" - just get rid of the definition that everything is Binary
"*/*" this fck all up imho - I just cannot comprehend why any header is defined as binary


      - image/png
      - image/jpeg
      - "*/*"
      - 'image/jpeg'
      - 'image/png'
  defaultStage: dev
  environment: ${file(env.yml):${self:provider.stage}, file(env.yml):default}



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That was it! Thanks @razzededge! I'm still getting used to understanding all things server development - I come from a mobile background

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No problem - good that it resolved it for you.

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I got this to work, the key is to create an HTTP API on API gateway (not REST API), on HTTP API, create a POST route and on its integration method, hook it up to your javascript lambda function.

here is the code snippet:

exports.handler = async (event, context, callback) => {

const { webhook_verify_hash } = process.env;

//get the header with validation hash from webhook
const shopify_hmac_hash = event.headers ?
event.headers['X-Shopify-Hmac-Sha256'] || event.headers['x-shopify-hmac-sha256']
: "";

const content_hmac_hash = crypto.createHmac("sha256", webhook_verify_hash)
.update(event.body, "utf8")

if(content_hmac_hash !== shopify_hmac_hash) {
console.log('Integrity of request compromised, aborting');

} else {