Can we use Partner API to get shop emails of active merchants using our app?

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Is this doable using just the Partner API? I know I could do this via a second call to the 'shop' endpoint, but it would be great if there was an easy way to quickly get the emails of all shops with an active billing plan using my app (e.g., to inform of new features). Thank you.

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We would love to upvote what @policenauts have asked in this thread and passionate to say that to ask Shopify's Partner API development team to definitely consider adding this interface

We are a Shopify partner with multiple apps.

For now, we write and maintain the code which to feed the email or phone number of the merchant to the same marketing tool by each App’s team individually(!) by using Admin API.

If the Partner API allows us to get the mail and phone, it would be great and it would make the API become worth using.

By the way, I just doubt a bit if we could get the information of a merchant whose contact information is unknown, what would be the use for? 🙂

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Hi @policenauts,

Is there any news on this topic? did you manage to find emails? The CSV export includes emails, but GQL APIs don't. Thanks!

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I would have to agree, this would be nice to have for organizing transactions and having the ability to join subscription and usage charges by email instead of only by shop id or myShopifyDomain