Cannot find `unit_price` and `unit_price_measurement` data via the Shopify REST API or GraphQL.

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I need to use  unit price and unitPriceMeasurement  fields for my products, in the documentation it define that it exists under ProductVariant object but when I fetch it in Shopify using rest api and GraphiQL API I didint find it.
Someone can provide me with any information about this, its urgent?

Thank you.

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Hey @kuldeep404 

Currently unitPrice and unitPriceMeasurement  are not available on the productVariant object via the GraphQL Admin API(docs) or on REST API.

On the Storefront API, Product Variant (with the aforementioned two values) does exist; yet they are not able to be fetched as productVariant does not exist on the Storefront API query root.

It may become available to be queried directly in the future, though I wouldn't be able to provide a timeline. Hope that explains more nonetheless.



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Please add this to the REST-API, since other people and I does need it too:

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The unit price is at least in Germany, may be in the whole European Union, obligatory.


If you add this feature (undocumented) to the REST-API it would take only a couple of hours (if at all), but would save 10.000s of hours of your customers.


In my case my customer has over 1.000 products which I create via the REST-API. Because this feature is missing, he is forced to edit this 1.000 products after the import manually (what a waste of time).


Please add this feature in the next few days to make the live of other peoples a lot easier and to have another point to switch to Shopify.

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Any news on updating unit pricing via API?

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Hi @Luke_K ,
Do you have any update or timeline about this missing - and very much needed - feature on the REST API? Thanks!

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i really can not understand why shopify dont add this to API, 

as i see people ask for this at least for 4 years now, but not one care.