Cart API Update not working reliably

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Hi there,


I am trying to add a note to the order in the checkout (shopify plus account) and am using the cart api to accomplish this via'/cart/update.js', JSON.stringify({note: 'test note'}), function(){console.log(arguments)},"json" );



In my tests, I end up with quite a few orders without any notes attached even though I get a 200 status back when dumping out the result of the call to the console.. the note is even visible in the result, but when I check the order/abandoned checkout (when not completing the order) the notes are "sometimes" not there.  I can not reliably determine when a note will not be added to the order because I always get a 200 status back.


Furthermore, it seems like it's even flakier if you try to overwrite an existing note. Again, you get a 200 status back but the note remains the same.

Anyone have any ideas?





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I have this same issue! I do a note update and the response shows the new value. If I fetch the cart again, I get the old value. What's happening here?

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Yes, I am getting the same issue..!! the value is updating only in the second fetch! Any fix? 

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I wrote the same fn twice. so it's execute twice. Its the only way I found. !!