Checkout Payment Does Not Accept IPv6 Address

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We are a sales channel and are using the payment API (/admin/api/2020-01/checkouts/#{token}/payments.json) to process payments on checkouts that we created. Under the request_details for the input, we are adding the customer's IP address to these orders. However, Shopify does not support IPv6 addresses for customers. This has led to many of our orders having fraud indicators because the IP address can't be geolocated.


In my log analysis, I found that more than %30 of our unique addresses were IPv6. This has raised many concerns, because sometimes our brand partners are very sensitive to the built in fraud analysis, and will cancel orders.


Since there is no means for consistently converting an IPv6 address to an IPv4 address, it would be ideal if Shopify would support these addresses. In my evaluation, we were able to accurately geolocate users with these IPv6 addresses. The alternatives I've found to mitigate this involved using an IPv4 address from the pool of experimental addresses. However, this approach does not allow for geolocation, which is the primary issue with the fraud analysis.

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Shopify Any chance someone can take a look at this very real limitation?

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I realize IPv6 is a new technology; it has only been generally available since 2007.

When can we expect Shopify natively support IPv6 across the platform offerings?

Considering mobile devices across the globe now use IPv6 natively (and have done so for the past 12 years at least), the fact that Shopify fails to recognize and support IPv6 is a major shortcoming.

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I have the same issue, however, any person using IPV6 only has not been able to access my shopify website. How have you solved this? Please HELP!