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Hey Shopify Community!

Shopify introduced the feature to select Local Store Pickup in the Checkout. 

I want to integrate an own logic in the cart to let the customer select if they want delivery or store pickup. Mainly because the local delivery from Shopify isn't very flexible yet. I want to integrate a lookup for zip codes and selection of delivery time (Date and Time).

 To do this correctly and user-friendly, i want to pass the information the user selected in the cart to the checkout. 

If the user selects store pickup in the cart, the checkout should pre-select the "Pickup" Tab.pickup_preselcted.png

I know it is possible to pass information to the checkout using permalinks like described here:

But there is no documentation about setting the delivery method using permalinks. 


I already tried to contact Shopify support but they don't seem to get what i want und just reply with tutorials about how to configure lokal pickup. 


Hope someone can help 🙂


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Supposedly "checkout[pick_up_in_store][selected]=true" should have worked. But it doesn't. I'm stuck with the same predicament.

Note: Nobody told me about that. I just found it by looking at the checkout page code. Thought it would work but it didn't. I tried so many different variations too, but nothing worked. I suppose there's just no way to do it right now.

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I am looking for the same, not having much sadly. Would love to hear if anyone figures anything out!

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It also looks like checkout[pick_up_in_store][selected]=true does sort of work, it just doesn't select the actual radio box, but the hidden <input> does seem to change its value, not sure how to target the actual checkbox though ...

Hmm or not, I keep getting mixed results, must be caching or something a bit weird going on. Back to the drawing board!

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Do you have any updates to share? Searching for the same thing...