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We are building an app where we can from abandoned checkout we can directly create a Draft Order as the payment success status is received from Payment Gateway. 

We have notice that Shopify Admin API allows me to get checkout data by token for example :**"****/admin/api/2021-07/checkouts/{token}.json"**

We are using the same API to get checkout data. We have notice that here I have to pass**Token**but, in**Admin->Ordres->Abandoned Checkouts** but we only get checkout ID and shop name as parameter So, how to get Checkout Token. 

Support need to call get the Checkout Token. 


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @nchoraria 

You can get the token via the Abandoned Checkouts API

You'll want to use the "token" field, not the "cart_token" field. You should be able to use this for your checkouts API calls.

CS | API Support @ Shopify 
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