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I have a home order management system running on a database and would like to sync order and inventory data between that system and Shopify in order to automate data capture, inventory management and fulfillment across both platforms.  Does any one know if there are any apps out there that can do this with the degree of customization that is required to connect to a proprietary system?

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Does depend on your level of authentication though and what is meant by "connection".

In the strictest sense you probably need to be your own middleware.


Usemechanic can connect to sites and run automations 



Then there's third party services like zapier,integromat, retool, etc. Where either your trying to connect and do api actions or sharing a file of a csv.


Apps typically used for local data/import are ez-exporter and matrixify.

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Thanks for the feedback - I will take a look at the information you provided. From your response I do believe
you are pointing me in the proper direction.

Again many thanks for taking time to help me out - will loop back and let
you know how things turn out.

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If you have a proprietary system that it will come down on how you can access it or generate data.

If you are able to generate csv files and ftp them to a location or provide ftp access to them there are many apps that will capture and import to Shopify.

We normally create bespoke solutions where there are APIs available to integrate to complete data flows for our users.

A question would be if moving to Shopify what can you do on your proprietary system that you cannot shift to Shopify and simplify your processes?



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