Connecting to supplier's Inventory through API

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Valmerosa Fashion is an online clothing store and we are now looking to pursue a drop shipping model rather than holding stock. As such, we need to connect to the supplier’s inventory to display their products. When customers purchase through our shopify site the order will ideally be routed to the supplier’s system and placed. If this is too complex, we would just need the API to show real-time inventory levels and we will place the order manually. 

The supplier has provided an API document pack but I do not know how this would be achieved on Shopify. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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While you would be able to hardcode this type of integration you could also use a low-code integration platform like Zapier or Integromat.  You could also use a tool like Airtpower which will allow you to manage your sore and orders in Airtable.

Integromat has Shopify modules that will monitor sales on your site and it has ability to connect to your suppliers API through something they call "HTTP" modules.

Hope that helps but let me know if you need more detail?

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Hi Valmerosa, were you able to connect suppliers API to your shopify store. We are looking to do the same and unable to find resources. Can you please let us know how you achieved it? Thanks,