Creating a fulfillment with Shopify Python SDK

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When I try and create a fulfillment through the Shopify Python SDK, the fulfillment is not created, and I am seeing a None response, here is what I'm trying:

fulfillment = shopify.Fulfillment({'order_id'})

fulfillment.location_id = loc_id
fulfillment.line_items = [{ "id": 12345678 }]
fulfillment.notify_customer = False

Printing fulfillment outputs Fulfillment(None). This seems to work for some stores and not others, any advice?

P.S. I have also confirmed the order id, line item id and location id are not none and valid.

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As a follow up, This is being done through an app that merchants install. Here are the scopes we are using:

'read_all_orders', 'read_orders', 'write_orders',
'read_products', 'write_products',
'read_script_tags', 'write_script_tags',

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@zainlks could you please provide a request id (found in the response header) of a call that fails, and we'd be able to check the logs for what might have gone wrong.


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You have the write_order scope, so the permission is good.

I would clean up your code a bit and rewrite it like this. fulfillment.line_items = [{"id": 12345678}] is probably not working. The object shopify.Fulfillment expects a (list of) line_item object there, not just a list with an ID. In this case, I derive it from the order. I also derive the location_id from the location object. Depending on how many locations you have, change the 0 in shopify.Location.find()[0].




order = shopify.Order.find(1234567890)
location = shopify.Location.find()[0]
fulfillment = shopify.Fulfillment({'order_id':,
                                   'line_items': order.line_items,
                                   'notify_customer': False})




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If you really have to use line_item_id, then you can try to replace order.line_items with shopify.LineItem(1234567)