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Currency rate display for Paypal order

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Hi all,
  We have a client that has an order paid for via Paypal with this displayed on the Shopify website:


  This is a CAD shop and their customer paid in USD. The data Shopify send us in the API for this order correctly has $134.62 USD (the presentment money) but the shop money is $169.70 (9 cents difference). The number $169.79 doesn't appear anywhere in the data, and neither does the exchange rate that's mentioned (or it's reciprocal). The rate we calculate from the data is 1.26058535, while the rate used on the website is 1.26127103.

  We're trying to work out why the exchange rate shown on the website for orders paid for with Paypal doesn't match the rate we calculate from the data that's sent. It seems that we're provided an exchange rate in the data for Shopify payments, but not for Paypal payments.

 Can someone please explain this behaviour and how it's expected to work?

 Is there anyway we can get the exact same rate that's displayed on the website?



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