Custom App for server-side code

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I am integrating a 3rd-party tool and one of the features available is to allow signed-in users access to user-specific items with the tool.  The 3rd-party tool has an endpoint I can call to retrieve a User Token but it requires that the call come from server-side code.  My thought was that after a customer logs-in I would call the service to get the token.  So I only need a single backend method to call the 3rd-party API and get the token.

Is a Custom App the only way to accomplish this? It seems like a lot of setup for a single method. As I am new to Node development, I also don't know how to make my Custom App available to be called from the front-end.

I looked into Webhooks, but if I understand those correctly it will just send the message that the user has logged in. I wouldn't get a response containing the User Token.

Thanks for your help!

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