Customize g-card purchase process without shopify plus

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Hello everybody!

I have an issue to solve and will be gratefull for advice without upgrading for a shopify plus plan.

We launch a gift card purchasing, but there is no option to add extra field for email address if user buys g-card for a friend. So, the only way user can notify their friend about gift is to forward email and it looks not such a good UX. Does somebody there know how to customize the product page with g-card or maybe checkout page and add there an extra field so user (buyer) will be able to write friend's email address and can send g-card in a second?


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If the gift card currently appears as a non-inventoried item (aka a dummy SKU) then if you have control over the cart's checkout process you can add a custom line item property to what's added to cart. See for details. This custom line item property can be the recipient's e-mail address. Just add a field for this for the user to populate on the screen, perhaps run some parsing validation once they are done, and pipe that value into the custom line item property. Problem solved!

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