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Default password page showing for development store instead of active theme password.liquid file

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I have an issue with the password.liquid for three current development sites. Up until recently, I was able to have the theme password.liquid page display as a custom holding page for clients with email collection pre-launch. 

At the moment I am seeing this default password page (in incognito mode too):


I want to be able to see this page (screenshot from the customizer):

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 9.52.19 AM.png

It doesn't appear to be a theme issue as I have tested this using the Debut them and same problem. 

To clarify I am working on a development site and understand that the password can not be removed until the site is transferred to my client and a plan is purchased. I do not need the password to be removed but I do need the ability to have a custom password page while the site is being developed. 

It is pretty standard practice to put up a holding page for a website that is coming soon so I'm struggling to understand all the confusion around this (Shopify support were unable to help and didn't seem to understand the issue). 

I did read this article about password pages and wondered if it was relevant but seems so odd that they would remove the options for the custom password page:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Shopify recently changed the limitations of development stores to offer fewer resources prior to switching to a paid plan. The password page was part of this change so now only the development store password page is available and not the customizable password page (see quote from Shopify below).

This is definitely frustrating for those of us who have offered clients that Coming Soon page as a feature prior to them actually starting to pay for their Shopify plan.

The development store password page

All newly created development stores are password protected. This means that visitors to development stores can access your development store in the following ways only:

  • By entering a password on the development store password page
  • By logging into the development store's admin
  • Through a Shopify Theme Store or Shopify App Store demo link

Unlike the customizable password page for a store that's on a free trial or paid plan, the development store password page isn't linked to the online store's theme and can't be customized.

You can remove the password page only after you transfer the store to a merchant or switch the store to a paid plan.