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I created an embedded app using next.js, node.js and gql admin. When the app installed it will automatically create a product so the user can sell It but I can't find any API or GQL Admin that delete the product when the app uninstalled. Because I want to keep the client clean, so I need to remove the product when the app uninstalled.
Any suggestion?

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When your app receives the uninstalled app webhook, it could automatically email the customer that has just uninstalled your app and tell him to delete the product.

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Hi Jayvin,

Thank you for your reply.
I see, so there is no automatic way to delete product when store owner uninstall the embedded app, right?
The store owner needs to do that manually, we can just inform them to do that.

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Hi, Have you found the automatic solution or inform the client is the only way?

Thank you

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Hi Quicki,
No I haven't found the solution yet.
So currently yes, just inform the client to remove the product manually.