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Delivery Instruction liquid variables for Order Printer

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We are trying to retrieve the Delivery Instruction Info from Check out page:

It is displayed in the order admin:


But we are unable to find its liquid variables for Shopify's Order Printer app, it is not in the {{attributes}}...

I asked Order Printer Support, and was instructed to hire an expert for that or search the community posts. Then I found that not only me has this issue. There is an 2020 post asking for the variables, and many shopifiers follow the post and asked for the same thing. 

It has been almost two years past, the issue has not been resolved and the post was tagged as resolved. So I have to open this post to bring Shopify's ATTENTION. Please help us by escalating this issue to your programmers. As during this pandemic, we are relying on the local delivery to run our business, and we do need this information to be retrieved and printed in our delivery slip/template for the driver. my understand is that this is critical feature to all shopifiers. At least Shopify need to explain to us why it could not been retrieved. 

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