Dell Boomi and Shopify Duplicate Products

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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience or resources regarding mapping Dell Boomi and Shopify duplicate products.

We have some products that are unisex, but we'd like to break them up into collections that show a slight difference.
Mens > Apparel > show Product w/ image of man in Tee Shirt
Women's > Apparel > show duplicate Product w/ image of woman in Tee Shirt.

The trouble is that the Shopify accelerator package does not address duplicate products in Shopify.  It messes up inventory and we've had to kill all duplicates.  This is especially troubling due to the fact that we were utilizing discounted hidden duplicates via Bold Discounts and Bold Upsells to trigger an offer for a hidden/duplicated/discounted product when certain credentials were met.

Any thoughts or know how out there?