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Dell Boomi Connector and Custom Shopify App OAuth

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Hi all, 

I created an Shopify Partners custom application and entered in my organizations "" domain.  

I then generate a Merchant install link which can only be installed on  The prompt text on the partners page indicates to share this link with the merchant to install your app.  

When the link is clicked, the app doesn't install and only performs the redirect to the page I indicated (I choose the myshopify admin page for the redirect).  

Ultimately, we need to use a custom app that permits Oauth since Dell Boomi integration connector requires Oauth.   I also have a private app where I can successfully authenticate using basic HTTP authentication (API KEY AND PASSWORD) but Oauth is required for Dell Boomi - and private apps do not function using Oauth. 

Would someone please be able to help here?  

  • Once I generate the link from the Shopify Partners Application (custom app) - how does that application install on the merchant/organization page of 
  • If anyone has any Dell Boomi Shopify Connector knowledge or experience, that would help as well.   The connector is looking for the following: (client ID, Client Secret, Authorization Token URL, Scope, Access Token URL, and then a function to "Generate" the access token) 

Thanks all. 


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Hey @akochiss,

When you create a custom app, you provide Shopify with 2 URLs. The "App URL" should go to the install path for the application, this should be a route in your app that redirects to the Shopify Oauth screen. The "whitelisted redirection URLs" are routes that users will be redirected to after install, so that should lead to the app itself.

If you didn't create the integration being used, I recommend reaching out to the developer to find out which URL should be used for install.

JB | Solutions Engineer @ Shopify 
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