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Demo site for testing a new API

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I am just reaching out to the commmunity as we are building an integration with Shopify and we have completed the integration with Shopify but having now developed and done some basic testing with a free site with 10 products we want to test with a site ideally with live data and lots of products.

Does anyone have a website or know of a Shopify website that would allow us to test our integration.

In essence the app is one direction and pulls in product data and will serve into a recommendation engine and looking to test this with more data. We could create our own Shopify website but we hoped someone might know of one or be kind enough to share their own. 

The integration is essentially 3 screens in the APP that will allow Shopify customers to quickly integrate with the Yamu APP and I was hoping you might be able to happy to assist?

Essentially we would need someone to create a private app on Shopify and then share with us teh following details :
store url -
API Key -
Password -
example url -

if shopify has an site we can use for this purpose i would appreciate if someone can advise.

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If you've registered as a Shopify partner then you have access to create development stores. Here are some specifics -->

Hope this helps!

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thanks that might help but anyone with real live site who is interested to get some free credits when the platform goes live still interested to hear from you as we would like to test with a number of sites to check the different types of product images we might need to handle. thanks.