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Difficulty in integration of third party payment gateway using shopify api

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Our team is building hybrid mobile application using flutter. We have used storefront and admin api for populating all the necessary data from shopify. We are able to build and complete application flow till checkout . The only part that is remaining is integration of payment gateway. We have option to use web url for checkout and completing the payment, but we want to give native look for payment so that user can choose the payment gateway whichever they prefer. 

I have few questions related to this

1. I have read that we can use "checkoutCompleteWithCreditCardV2" using graphql. How to use it and can we use both debit card and credit card payment using this?

2. I also came across "checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV3", but no proper documentation is provided . Can you please give details whats this used for?

3. Is is possible to integrate 3rd party payment gateway like paytm, google pay, razor pay ?. If yes .. how can we integrate it.?

ps- We are located in India . 

Thank you in advance..

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Any Update on this as I doing facing the same issue