Disabling draft order confirmation email

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I have a problem disabling notifications that are sent to customers when a draft order is completed. Using REST API, I used to add "suppress_notifications: True" on my request body when creating an order which was useful for stopping the email confirmation, but after migrating to draft orders, the attribute doesn't work. How can I stop the emails from being sent?

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They don't let you disable it but I found a work around for now.

Basically you put a burner email in for the customer (just in the draft order not their account) when you create the draft order. after the order is live then go back and put the customers actual email back in place.  Changing the customer email in the order does not change the email in their account, like they would use to log in. hope this helps.

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Hi @blue3 

Did you find a solution for disabling notifications on draftOrderComplete? I think @Shopperfry 's solution works but it doesn't seem to be the standard way of doing it.