Discount on items when purchasing through external app

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Hi there,


I'm using the shopify-buy SDK to integrate Shopify in my Android/iOS app, displaying product details in the app then linking to the relevant item in the online store via the onlineStoreUrl property for purchases. To encourage use of my app, I'd like to allow a discount for users who are shopping through the app.


I have attempted to achieve this by duplicating the items in my store and reducing the cost of the duplicate items, including only those items in the app via a Sales Channel, however this doesn't work as the items need to be active in the online store to be able to link to them externally from the app (and this would mean that both regular price and discount price versions of the same item would be visible on the online store). I would like to avoid using discount codes as these can be shared with other people who aren't using the app (unless there is a way of using these and removing that possibility).


Can you assist with a solution to this issue? Do I need to use a different API? Or is there something different that can be done through the admin portal to make an individual sales channel live and, in essence, its own separate live shop?



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