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I want to change the featured product image on a product page, to an externally hosted product image based on a URL paramater.

We host externally scanned drawings. I want to send potential customers to a product page, that when it loads shows their drawing super imposed on a product e.g. a mug.

I don't want customers to have to login to view this, equally we have 250,000+ images so i just want to do this on demand.

Equally if someone does order, we need to store an ID with the order of the item so we can map the image to the order. 

Can anyone give guidance on how best to tackle this?

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Use the scripttag api to modify page content without modifying the underlying theme, in practice keep in mind every theme is different.


Unless your doing some sort of actual processing to insert their image into the other image then just use your externally hosted product image as a background or replace the actual asset of a products feature image through the api for all views of that product.

If there's no private data involved customers don't need to be logged in but you do need to store their info somewhere and reconcile that to each session just like any other web site including handling uploads.


You may want to look around and poke at some personalization apps before going further.


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