Doesn't Redirect after Authentication

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I am developing an app
the app was working well, then I added the billing, still the app was working on the developing server, like: on the ngrok server. Pushed my code to heroku. After that I installed that app on the store, on the installation process install page --> payment approval page --> then the app doesn't redirect to the app dashboard. I returned to the development mode with ngrok server, on that i tried to install and that was working fine, but it doesn't work on production mode.

Here is the screenshot of the error:


Here is my authe code from server.js and below app.js:-

app.prepare().then(() => {
        sameSite: "none",
        secure: true,
  server.keys = [SHOPIFY_API_SECRET];
      apiKey: SHOPIFY_API_KEY,
      secret: SHOPIFY_API_SECRET,
      scopes: [SCOPES],

      async afterAuth(ctx) {
        // Access token and shop available in ctx.state.shopify
        const { shop, accessToken } = ctx.state.shopify//Store Access Token in Cookies

        ctx.cookies.set("shopOrigin", shop, {
          httpOnly: false,
          secure: true,
          sameSite: "none",
        ctx.cookies.set("shopify_access_token", accessToken, {
          httpOnly: true,
          sameSite: "none",
          secure: true,
        })// Redirect to app with shop parameter upon auth

        server.context.client = await handlers.createClient(shop, accessToken);

        await handlers.getSubscriptionUrl(ctx);
      version: ApiVersion.October19,
  router.get("(.*)", verifyRequest(), async (ctx=> {
    await handle(ctx.req, ctx.res);
    ctx.respond = false;
    ctx.res.statusCode = 200;
  server.listen(port, () => {
    console.log(`> Ready on http://localhost:${port}`);
---------and also app.js:-
import fetch from "node-fetch";
import ApolloClient from "apollo-boost";
import { ApolloProvider } from "react-apollo";
import App from "next/app";
import { AppProvider } from "@shopify/polaris";
import { Provider } from "@shopify/app-bridge-react";
import "@shopify/polaris/dist/styles.css";
import translations from "@shopify/polaris/locales/en.json";
import Cookies from "js-cookie";

const client = new ApolloClient({
  fetch: fetch,
  fetchOptions: {
    credentials: "include",
class MyApp extends App {
  render() {
    const { Component, pageProps } = this.props;
    const shopOrigin = Cookies.get("shopOrigin");

    return (
      <AppProvider i18n={translations}>
            apiKey: API_KEY,
            shopOrigin: shopOrigin,
            forceRedirect: true,
          <ApolloProvider client={client}>
            <Component {...pageProps} />

MyApp.getInitialProps = async ({ ctx }) => {
  return {

export default MyApp;
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